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Buy, Sell, Advertise, Showcase, Local, National or Global.

Nothing is faster than mobile, digital communication & advertising.

Online, 91% of Digital Marketing Ads Don’t Get Viewed for More Than a Second – [Source: Blur Group.Com] That is largely because 70% of online advertising is NOT viewed by humans but rogue bots.

We can SOLVE that with VERIFIED HUMANS & more full digital & mobile ads for less across all devices.

Do you know the average cost of online advertising and billboard advertising?

Note: *These billboard costs are taken from Signkick’s online booking portal and are for a 2-week period, including production and placement costs. Prices do not include VAT. [Source]

Which B2B, B2C, SME, business or entrepreneur does not need:

  • Awareness
  • Promotion
  • Lead generation
  • B2C marketing & advertising – We custom & combine classified, digital, mobile with video. e.g Auto Dealerships
  • B2B marketing & advertising *[See Packages]*
  • Classified ads – we custom categories and do NOT allow anything less than quality ads. See: Music
  • Networking online and offline
  • Web advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • SEO
  • Social media exposure
  • Marketing
  • EVERY item, good or service you hold or stock is an advert or advertisement.
  • Get your brand, SME or business listed under YOUR Country or targeted location. i.e. China, England, USA.

Do you think advertising is expensive?

If yes, imagine, your brand or business can now advertise across web, mobile and all devices i.e. tablet, smartphone, PC. All with, full bio, video, photos, contact details, website, social media links, local, national or global. This is more than most billboard or ad campaigns online and offline for less.

Is this VALUE to you, your brand or business?

Who does not need multichannel, multimedia, advertising online or offline? Without advertising how will consumers or clients know you exist? Or you manufacture, wholesale or supply 10, 20, 50 or 100 products or goods? Who offers you 7 combined web, digital and mobile ads per month with video and photos, for less than a cup of coffee per day?

How Our Digital Ad Connector Works:

  • Register your brand, business or professional talent
  • Your 1st Ad is FREE with 1 video, 5 photos, description, location map, contact details, no social media links for 30 days [SEE PACKAGES]
  • Get the FULL MONTY PLATINUM VIP ADVERTISING, 7 ads per month, 365 days, full description, video, photos, map, web, social media links & more.
  • Register, make payment, then post your ad across web, social, mobile, digital for ONE-PAGE multichannel services.
  • Yes, we can manage your Infogurushop digital advertising smart-page for you just make contact.
  • Anyone can browse brands, businesses or professional talent, local, national or global.
  • Simply bookmark to any device NO download.
  • Dont forget to share, like and comment.
  • HIRE Infogurushop [IGS] to produce additional SEO, social media, video, content marketing or advertising for your brand, business, website or talent.
  • Get the FULL MONTY! This is 365 days advertising [7 ads per month] for less than a cup of coffee and more FREE tags/keywords than any search engine or keyword ad system.
  • Want to READ newspapers of the world? See our countries list of tourism, videos & newspapers.
  • After 1st FREE AD, one can place classified ads for 5 GBP per ad.
  • Buy, sell, advertise or showcase local, national or global.
  • Regardless of the size of your in-house team, Infogurushop is one-stop, web, social, mobile, digital, local, national, or global real ad-budget value.

Value Proposition:

We make multichannel, multimedia, mobile and digital advertising affordable for all.

Our Digital ad connector is local, national or global as a marketplace across all devices. Why keep paying for bot clicks, when you can target and attract VERIFIED HUMAN people local, national or global.

We also offer:

  • FULL digital, mobile, agency with ALL the skills & tools you need for marketing & advertising
  • More FREE categories than ANY search engine or social media platform
  • Get B2B & B2C Classified listings local, national or global
  • Multichannel + Multimedia solutions
  • Free QR codes on all VIP paid listings 
  • All marketplace advertising is across all devices mobile, tablet, PC etc
  • One-stop service for local, national or global advertising 
  • Win-win e-commerce or dropship VIP partnership solutions
  • Over 192 ‘countries’ category links & listings
  • IGS is not just about business and brands we do it all, showcasing people & talent.
  • Specialist B2B, B2C, SEO, PPC, Social Media, e-commerce & digital consultancy.

Need more?

We slash advertising costs local, national and global. [SEE PACKAGES]

Are you connected across all devices local, national or global? How much would it cost you to achieve this?

Search classified or business ads across: Autocare, Manufacturers, Wholesale, Music, Business, Startups, Education, Fashion, Retail, SME’s & MORE all devices.

We know, ONE-PAGE mobile & digital is faster and smarter than several pages online & offline. Even faster than search engines.

Make your brand, business, product, service or dream come alive across all devices, regardless of talent, skill or knowledge for less.

1st AD 100% FREE! Then classified ads 5 GBP per ad. For annual Business VIP 365 advertising & marketing we charge 1 GBP per day for 7 ads per month across all devices.

Additional full digital services available.

The ONE-STOP web, social, mobile, classified, digital ad solution.

Get on-board REGISTER here today! Use Top 50 global award winning Infogurushop.

Think of Infogurushop as a local, national, global, multimedia, multichannel, advertising one-stop solution. The more brands, businesses and talent on-board, we all win-win across all channels and devices. We also work with you to create additional ad campaigns to BOOST your lead generation, conversions and sales growth.

USP/Key Features:

Digital ad or advertising connector, combines web, mobile, social media, plus offline strategies. A wholistic, comprehensive, low-cost solution for your brand, Business or professional Talent.

Most businesses do NOT advertise as it is costly, and or they do not have web, mobile, digital expertise or time. We also understand most of your business is LOCAL, but most businesses are disconnected from their local communities. We can help.

Infogurushop advertising saves you time and budget with its award-winning local, national and global smart-page solution.

If you do not have web, mobile or digital expertise and need sales leads across web, mobile, social as a Make-up Artist, Music Artist, Real Estate or other get listed today.


We advertise and showcase EVERYTHING about your brand, business or talent, local, national or global across all devices. That’s with classified ads, photos, video, QR Codes, 360 VR & more.

ALL the specialist tools you need to make your brand, VIP business or talent shine like a diamond.

We also provide in-built lead capture so potential clients or consumers can directly contact you via email, phone or message.

If you need a 360 Virtual Reality simulator as above or custom VR training project make contact.


We are continuously innovating and evolving to become the best ONE-STOP, low-cost, combination, advertising solution for classifieds, web, digital & mobile, across all channels and devices. Blockchain integration will come in 2019.

Email, contact or follow IGS @infogurushop or call 07940[108]769 do not fear a mobile number it’s registered Ltd.

Have a great day.

Infogurushop Team.

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