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Digital Skills Consultant

Digital Skills Consultant, are you in need of digital skills training, knowledge, empowerment, strategies and solutions across web, social, mobile, digital or e-commerce?

If yes, perhaps your aware we are ALL living in a modern-social-digital world and very soon our social, digital world will be further swamped with more apps, gadgets, robots, automation, IOT, AI demanding more skills, knowledge, education and learning curves.

This for some or most will mean chaos, workplace, business, stress, isolation, unemployment or information over-load.

Trying to live in TWO worlds online and offline for many startups, manufacturers, wholesalers, businesses and individuals is already difficult. So how can one better manage their mind, time, vision, plans, strategies and solutions to optimize the best of two worlds online and offline? This will take:

  • Time-management [more than a daily plan one needs the best who, what, when, where, why]
  • Digital skills knowledge
  • Digital skills training
  • Website [In the now and future most startups, businesses and brands will need multimedia]
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Online security i.e. website, blog, business etc
  • Offline security i.e. smartphone, apps, PC, laptop, tablet etc
  • Most important one will need to explore and discover YOU or your passion.

As a Digital Skills Specialist, Top 50 Global Entrepreneur Week 2013, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2016, Top 100 Twitaholic Global List, Top 1% Social Media Broadcaster on Klear.Com.

I aim to embark on a journey via the ‘Digital Ad Connector‘ project to train, empower and connect startups, businesses, brands and people across ALL devices and platforms local, national and global.

  • Learn how to win online
  • Do YOU and brand YOU across all platforms
  • It’s not always about money, its about happiness and peace of mind
  • Learn how to bootstrap your way regardless of budget or funds
  • Get masterclass secrets to who, what, where, when and why
  • Learn how to WIN business local, national and global for less.

Stay tuned for updates, seminars and information.

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The UK, EU and world is facing a digital skills shortage and the invasion of robots and automation will undoutedly alter employment and household residual-income for businesses, people and families worldwide.

Now is the TIME for humans to get prepared and ready!

I strongly believe if humans come together like politics and use their POWER to network, collaborate, trade and educate there is enough local, national and global opportunities for us all to be happy and successful.

This page will be updated for Digital Skills Training, Consultancy and information.

Have a great day, Infogurushop.

@infugurushop Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook.

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