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Surname Barnes-Clay
Email @carwriteups
What come’s to mind with the word Infoguru? Publicity [Wikipedia]
What do You or your Business do? Full time freelance motoring journalist. I specialize in vehicle launches and car reviews. This involves frequent travel abroad.
What Business Tips would you publicly share? Being true to your word is key in forming true bonds with people. Mutual support in business will then start to happen.
What is Your USP? Lifestyle, often family oriented car reviews at an affordable price.

Surname Wyrsch

What come’s to mind with the word Infoguru?

I worked as a knowledge management expert in one of the world’s best known consultancy and in this respect I guess, if infoguru is considered as a knowledge management nerd, I might be an info guru. Isnt’ a infoguru a KM nerd where KM stands for knowledge management?

What do You or your Business do?

I’m an enterprise risk management consultant, a networker and an entrepreneur mainly focused on the digital space. I’m also knowledgeable in finance where my focus is on three main asset classes, BDCs, REITs and MLPs. I’m actively managing some companies, mainly in the third industrial revolution that consists in renewable, sustainable sources of energy. I’m actually launching the smart Swiss knife through

What Business Tips would you publicly share?

Business is all about marketing and innovation is probably the most important business tip and also the least applied, I think. Take the little rice corn, in Chinese, Xiaomi, that in three years only outperformed Apple and Samsung in the most populated market, People’s Republic of China, thanks to social marketing! To reduce costs, Xiaomi does not own a single physical store and instead sells exclusively from its own online store. It also did away with traditional advertising and relies on social networking services as well as its own customers to help advertise its products.

What is Your USP?

My USP is to be a multilingual, technical info guru who is able to master English, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and some other languages at ease which isn’t too frequent nowadays! I also have excellent analytical abilities and understand the psychological component of the crowds which might be helpful in making creative decisions.

First Name: Hadel
Surname Maayeh
Email: @Hadel
What come’s to mind with the word Infoguru? Expert on information
What do You or your Business do? I am a new Author, background in Social Media PR and Call Center plus Business development & management.
What Business Tips would you publicly share? Treat your employees like you would treat your clients / customers. This is the first step to success.
What is Your USP? I hope to publish more books especially about business and start ups.

First Name: Philip


Surname Gardner
Email @motoringcouk
What come’s to mind with the word Infoguru? Publicity, Exposure, Interaction
What do You or your Business do? We are a leading website producing News, Reviews and content as well as gifting users the tools to make motoring easier. Whether they are looking at buying a new car or managing their current car, we can help.
What Business Tips would you publicly share? Put the consumer first – in every business it is the customer who decides whether or not the company succeeds. The harder you work to please the consumer the more likely the consumer will return. The more likely your company will succeed.
What is Your USP? We provide a complete bespoke service called – This is a free tool which provides users with a valuation of their vehicle as well as free reminders when their tax, insurance, service, MOT and warranty is due. We provide the tools to make motoring easier.

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